5 Mar 2007

war on peace

the heads of state request a budget raise for the ongoing War On Peace. They indicate "we need to escalate, because the W.O.P will stop once the resources are depleted"

Please express your opinion in the poll.
War On Peace
yes W.O.P has to stop, raise the budget
no W.O.P is our way of life, don't raise the budget
perhaps W.O.P should be converted to an internet game
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carmen racovitza said...

1. WOP budget game once converted gives depleted WOPpeace
2. the ongoing WOP raise stops the future WOP budget raise
3. the need for WarPeace-no-War- Requests balances PeaceWar-no-Peace Non-Requests

WOP Peace to You All, My Friends

(thanks, neon)

Little Lamb said...

Wait a minute. Why are we having a war on peace?

carmen racovitza said...

because you get lazy otherwise, LL...and you mustn't.

carmen racovitza said...

du bist so rind a shoeman
so shoeman so eine shoeman

so - anna eine Sole ist
unter dem Scheine, dem Scheine nach
du, anna, anna Schein